What Is the Lincoln Head-Up Display?

What Is the Lincoln Head-Up Display?

If you have your eye set on a new Lincoln SUV and want to learn more about its advanced technologies, then we're here to help. At Korum Lincoln, our knowledgeable staff will explain the new cabin technologies that every new Lincoln SUV offers, including the state-of-the-art Head-Up Display (HUD). Lincoln is the first manufacturer to use Digital Light Projection for its HUD, the same technology used in digital movie theaters, ensuring you can clearly see essential vehicle info. Stop by our Lincoln dealer near Olympia to view the new and used models on our lot and see what the high-tech Head-Up Display has to offer.

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Lincoln Adaptive Cruise Control

Every Lincoln possesses advanced technologies that will make every commute a memorable one. With features like Adaptive Cruise Control, new Lincoln SUVs enable you to set a cruising speed and distance from the vehicle ahead of you. Turning this feature on is made simple thanks to Lincoln engineers, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Press the ON button on the cruise control switch on your steering wheel.
  2. Drive to your desired speed.
  3. Press and release the SET+ button.
  4. Take your foot off the accelerator.

When you turn on this technology, you will see an icon displayed on your HUD notifying you. Not only will you now be able to effortlessly drive on Washington highways, but your Lincoln SUV will also do a majority of the work -- when the vehicle in front of you slows down, your Lincoln will automatically do so as well. And when traffic picks back up, your Lincoln SUV will resume to the preset speed and distance.

HUD System Benefits

The Lincoln Head-Up Display offers a custom driving experience that allows you to select what you want to see, including:

  1. Available Adaptive Cruise Control settings.
  2. Lane-Keeping System information.
  3. Navigation directions.
  4. Standard driving information.

This is important, especially if safety is a priority to you. For long trips and adventures, you can toggle to view your Lane-Keeping System to ensure you're always properly centered in your lane. This feature uses a camera mounted behind the windshield’s rear-view mirror to monitor road lane markings and detect unintentional drifting toward the outside of a lane. If the camera detects an impending unintentional drift, the system will use the steering system and the instrument cluster display to alert and/or aid you to stay in your lane.

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