Buying vs. Leasing a Lincoln near Kent, WA

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Buying vs. Leasing a Lincoln
near Kent, WA

Are you shopping around for a new Lincoln? Have you found your dream ride at our Lincoln dealer near Kent? Speak with a Lincoln finance specialists to learn about your next steps. If you’re not sure whether you should buy or lease the new Lincoln SUV you have your sights set on, we’re here to help. Depending on your driving habits, the distance of your commute, your desired monthly car payments and more, there may be a clear choice for you. Our team can tell you all about the differences between buying and leasing a Lincoln in Washington. Schedule a test-drive and meet with a member of the Korum Lincoln finance team and drive home in the vehicle that you love most.

New Lincoln Models in Washington

If you’re debating buying vs. leasing and find yourself asking questions like "is it better to lease or finance a car?" Then visit our local Lincoln dealer. We’ll show you our expansive inventory of new Lincoln SUVs and discuss which option is best for you. Do you want to keep your new car for the long haul? Then financing a new Lincoln would be perfect for you, as there are no usage or mileage restrictions. Are you looking to upgrade to a luxury Lincoln for your daily commutes but don't want to be bothered with the additional responsibilities of outright ownership? Then we suggest you check out our Lincoln lease specials to see what we have available. As you consider the differences between leasing and buying, be sure to review our enticing new Lincoln specials and finance incentives that will help you claim a great price on your dream ride.

Differences Between Buying vs. Leasing a Lincoln What to Expect When Buying a Lincoln
Pay for ownership of the vehicle and work toward having the title in your name Pay for use of your new Lincoln and upgrade models once it reaches its lease maturity date.
No mileage restrictions Mileage restrictions are determined by lease terms
Generally comes with a higher down payment Normally comes with lower down payments and less money up front
Normally has higher monthly payments Generally has lower monthly payments
Responsible for repairs not covered in warranty Required to service vehicle according to dealership recommendations
Customize your vehicle to your liking Vehicle customizations are not allowed

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